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Is Opinion Outpost Legit?

Opinion Outpost Review – Legit or Scam?

Hey everyone I hope you had a happy Independence Day (AKA 4th of July)! I’m sorry  for not updating for a little while. I was away with my family for a 4th of July vacation. (Which was incredibly fun!) I’m back now and well you all know what that means a new paid survey review post! Actually this isn’t really new. Like my previous review post, this one is an updated, detailed review article on Opinion Outpost.

Let’s find out if you can make money taking surveys at opinion outpost?

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is an market research panel that has been around for a long while. They are ran by Survey Sampling International, LLC.  They conduct studies on many topics, and like most paid surveys relies on us to give our thoughts into these matters. Our opinions help businesses, governments, and other organizations better improve and adjust the  products, and services they offer.

Like many Paid Survey sites, signing up for Opinion Outpost is completely free. The registration process takes about several minutes. Once you’re a  member you’re then asked to complete a series of profile surveys which also takes several minutes to complete.  Once done, you’re soon sent invitations to participate in their actual surveys.  You’re sent these invitations almost daily. Most of the time they’ll send 3 surveys a day, sometimes even 5  a day.

The subjects in these surveys are quite various but most of them revolves around health care, automobiles, politics, consumer products (like food, and beverages), to name a few. Sometimes they will send you a focus group, or product testing invitation to further discuss certain survey studies you’ve participated in.  It’s takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the surveys, though there are times where the surveys are much longer than that.

Opinion Outpost Payment Method

For each survey you complete Opinion Outpost compensates you with points.  And when you earn enough, you can redeem them for cash which are paid via PayPal, or Amazon gift credits. Other rewards includes gift cards from Citibank, Alawar Games, and Restaurant.com. Alternatively you can use your points to give back to the community through donating to the American Red Cross.

Is Opinion Outpost Legit or a Scam?

Opinion Outpost is definitely LEGIT.  Now that you know more about this site, I’m going to give you my take of it:  I’ve been a member of this Paid Survey site for a long time now even before they updated their site into what it is right now.  I’ve made quite a bit of cash in my pocket and still am right now.

It is a decent paid survey site, however there are their downfalls.   Whenever you start a survey they give you a pre-screening survey, which can be rather lengthy, repetitive, and tedious at times.  There’s also cases where surveys may screen out due to a technical difficulties.

This would mean having to retrieve the survey number and send it to support to prove you’ve taken the surveys.

Another downfall that it can be a bit difficult sometimes to qualify for certain surveys. With the new changes to Opinion Outpost they’re now more strict about who qualifies for their studies which can be very annoying at times. In my intro post you may have seen that I said that this paid survey site was my second favorite. However the new changes pretty much knocked it down a few notches in my top favorite list.  Despite of it I still faithfully take surveys from them, as well as make money from participating in their survey. Here is a screenshot of the latest payment  I’ve received from them.

As I’ve said before, Opinion Outpost is a decent survey site despite of the flaws, and I recommend joining and giving this site a try!

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