Survey Savvy Review

Survey Savvy Review

Survey Savvy – Join Survey Savvy survey panel and Make Money Taking Surveys

Survey Savvy Review ( is a site that offers you the opportunity to get paid to take surveys. Survey Savvy is owned and operated by Luth Research LLC, a company that has been doing business for more than 30 years. You don’t have to pay to join Survey Savvy; you will get paid to take surveys.

Approximately 1.5 million people are registered with Survey Savvy and they come from around the world. The only thing you have to do to register is go to the website and answer a long series of questions about you, your home, your family and your life and habits. Survey Savvy wants to know what your race and gender are, what you do for a living, if you own or rent your home, and who else lives in your home with you.

The questions go on for about three pages and after you are done and you have sent the information on to Survey Savvy, you just have to wait to hear from them to see if you are accepted. Usually it only takes a day or so. Survey Savvy uses the questions you answer to match you up with surveys.

After you are accepted, you will get e-mails notifying you about survey opportunities at Survey Savvy . You won’t be overwhelmed with e-mails because Survey Savvy only sends out legitimate survey opportunities. You will get surveys related to your profession that may go into great detail, as well as surveys that ask you to view a video and give your thoughts on it. The price per survey you complete depends on how detailed the survey is, but it is usually between $3 and $25 per survey.

If you have children, there may be opportunities for them to complete some surveys as well. If there are these surveys for your children to take, the money earned will go into your account, since you are the registered member. Survey Savvy makes sure its clients and the survey takers are doing what they are supposed to and even verify survey information over the phone from time to time.

You can make more money at Survey Savvy if you let your friends know about the site. You earn $2 per friend that you refer and $1 for each survey the friends that join actually finish and submit. If you have a blog or are on a social networking site, you can easily spread the word and increase your earnings.

You are not required to take any certain number of surveys or all the surveys Survey Savvy sends you but you should know that if you do not take any surveys for a year’s time and have a balance in your account, Survey Savvy will charge you a $1 service charge. You cannot have a negative balance in your account but you can lose money if you don’t at least take a few surveys every so often. If you are not going to be taking surveys anymore at Survey Savvy or another survey site, it is best to cancel your membership to avoid such service charges.

It is possible to earn a good amount of money if you have a lot of referrals and take a lot of surveys. Anyone who makes more than $600 per year is required by the IRS to file a 1099 and Survey Savvy follows this guideline carefully. You must declare any money over that amount you earn from this website.

There are really only two issues that you may have with Survey Savvy. First, you have no choice in the survey options you receive so you have to take what Survey Savvy sends you. You only get e-mails for surveys that Survey Savvy matches you with so the number of surveys per month you can do is not under your control. Also, you may have to wait a week or more to get credit for the surveys you take at Survey Savvy.

You don’t have to worry about Survey Savvy selling your personal contact information causing you to get a ton of calls and e-mails. Survey Savvy will never do this to you. It may contact you from time to time about a survey you took but that is it. Survey Savvy has a very good reputation as an honest and legitimate survey company that people trust and it doesn’t want to damage its reputation by doing something to upset clients and the people who take its surveys. So if you want a reputable and honest survey company, sign up with Survey Savvy.

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